The New Zealand Raptor Trust provides and cares for sick, injured and orphaned raptors until they are fit for release back to their natural habitat. We aim to educate and inspire current and future generations, raising awareness and boosting populations of our vulnerable birds of prey.

The New Zealand Raptor Trust is based in Timaru, South Canterbury and is licensed to hold all New Zealand Raptors for treatment, rehabilitation and release.



The New Zealand Raptor Trust has provided free medical care to all species of raptors since 2016.  As well as experienced falconers we have an onsite vet and have sponsorship from Vetlife New Zealand.


At the core of the Trust’s mission is education and advocacy, and the sincere belief that an understanding of the role of raptors  helps create a better world for us all.

We run a Raptors In Schools education programme and visit service clubs and other groups in the community.


The New Zealand Raptor Trust is located in Redruth Street in Timaru.Visits by appointment